Natural nursery decor

If you are looking to create a natural soft and cozy ambience in your kids' bedroom, there is nothing like the elements of nature and natural materials.

In case you only would like to add just a vintage detail to the little one's room, then you can also mix modern or current details with a touch of vintage.

Natural Travel Cot

travel carry cot dolls bed from palm leaf coconeh


The kids' rooms should be a safe, harmonious and where they probably will spend a lot of time in their first years, while you and/or your parter takes care of them  what better  than to create a cozy warm atmosphere. These lovely handmade wicker wall baskets show that love at first time exists, it is really surprising the life they give to any wall or corner.


Wall Hanging Basket Storage System-Big


wall basket coconeh

Picture: @_s.u.s.a.n.n.e_


There are lots of ideas to use wicker baskets on the wall on any corner as the focus of attention and to help you organize the mess,  don´t miss all this inspiration and fun!

wall basket coconeh


We love all those spaces with wood, knitted fabrics and also with wicker or rattan, which one is your favourite?


Natural dolls/plush bench.


sofa bench palm leafe coconeh for maileg





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