What are sustainable toys for children?

We have heard a lot about sustainable products; But what exactly are they? It is a way of producing that respects the environment. However, there is another factor to which it places great importance and it is the human. In other words, it is concerned with the well-being of the people involved in the production process



In the manufacture of the sustainable toy, pollution is not contributed nor is the land exploited to extract the raw material. At the same time, you are respectful of the people who make them.

Unfortunately we are in a world where productivity exceeds demand;  Therefore, it is important to ask ourselves if we can buy in a responsible way, this is where sustainable products come in to counteract this system.

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Although this mode of production is still a minority, more and more organizations are deciding to transform their manufacturing processes.


coocneh sustainable ecological toys and kids rooms decoration


In this sense, when we talk about sustainable toys we are referring to products that have been made without altering the environment and very possibly have been made by artisans.


 handmade decoration and children toys

These types of toys are made to last, by giving one to your children you will be giving them the opportunity to approach organic products, made with awareness and responsibility. Also, if you choose those that were made by artisans, you will be stimulating the approach to their traditions and roots.


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At Coconeh, we manufacture fully sustainable toys and decoration products, with natural materials respecting the environment and the artisans of Mexico and Europe who make them. Your child will have a unique and timeless piece.

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