Why a kid's imagination matters so much?


As stated by experts in learning and children's development and education, imagination is the source of all human achievement, one of the key elements in the development and learning of the new world they are just discovering.

Imagination is essential in the learning process and in the preparation of children for the grown up world. Imaginative play with toys that allow them to use their own creativity helps them to discover the world that surrounds them and collect experiences.

Through playing with toys that allow children to imagine by themselves they develop new communication skills, vocabulary improvement, and if they move around their muscles in development will benefit as well, not to mention the creation of new neurological connections in their brains. Then the question is, does a toy that makes sounds, has lights, and that is mass-produced in plastic, really allow the children to imagine by themselves? 

 The simpler the toy is and the more natural their material is, the better!



Simpler toys give room to the kids to imagine by themselves, stimulates them to create new stories, characters. They empower them, makes them feel owners of their own world. And natural materials like wood are materials that we can find outside in the world, stimulate the sensorial skills of the children, so they get familiar with smells and textures that they will find in a natural world.




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