Why role play is important for your kid.

 Has your child pretended to prepare a meal for you, or grab a doll and act life if it was alive? Has it ever crossed your mind to wonder what goes through their little minds? At the age of 2-4 years Approx. they already have a new package of skills which includes communication, better coordination of their motor skills and what better to practice them than through playing and imagining.



Here are 4 benefits of role play:

1. Creativity and Imagination

They exercise their brain and train it to practice using imagination at an early age.

This is not only important in problem-solving, but even later in life a good imagination helps you enjoy a good book, plan for pleasant things in life or simply understand other people’s point of view on various aspects of life.

2. Language and Enhance Communication Skills

Kids are usually very quick to pick up new words, couple that with a character they love and a whole new vocabulary is built. Role-playing offers them an opportunity to try these vocabularies.

Through this use of new words, they gain confidence with their communication. 

3.  Social and Emotional Skills

During role-playing, kids place themselves in an imaginative social setup in which they must find a way to interact with others. 

This makes it possible for a child to empathize with someone else, and is, therefore, able to understand why these people or characters do what they do. Your child is able to relate to his emotions as well as gain control over his behavior.

Finally, and one of the major reasons why child therapists use role-playing is that it’s both a stress reliever and has soothing effects on a child.

4.  Physical Development

A. When you see them run around to “save the day” or scaling up ladders to put out a fire, or even just be up on their feet applying makeup on your face as their model, know that they are engaging their motor skills and hand to eye coordination.


Role-playing among kids is a fun way to learn and enhance useful skills in a child’s development. It helps them make sense of their environment and for parents too, it’s a great way to learn about any struggles your child may be going through.






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