Why you should have a handmade item.

Have you ever wondered how the products you consume are produced? Is there human or environmental exploitation when manufactured? At the time of purchase, who will benefit?

Nowadays it has begun to raise awareness about what we consume; making our way of buying more ethical and responsible with the environment and the people who produce what we acquire.

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In this sense, hand made items become an option to combat irresponsible production practices. The products made by artisans are not intended to be mass produced;

On the contrary, they are unique and so well made that they last longer.
But what exactly is an artisanal piece? These are articles made by a craftsman through a manual process and perhaps with some help from a tool that makes certain tasks lighter. This makes each piece different from the others, differentiating it from serial production.

In addition, the crafts will be different depending on where the craftsman originated. It is a cultural product, therefore it is influenced by social history, tradition, the local environment, ideology and of course the effort of whoever does it.

By deciding to buy handicrafts you are contributing to a more fair trade, you also help the environment; Well, this way of making products is respectful of nature. In addition, you are acquiring pieces that are beautiful, functional, durable and unique. Pieces that represent the tradition and culture of a whole community.

Finally, the benefit you will get when buying a handmade piece will be to support local consumption. You will also give visibility to the traditions and art of a group of people called artisans who unfortunately are not usually as valued as they should.
That's why in Coconeh, our toys and decoration products are made by artisans from Mexico and Europe, they are environmentally friendly, sustainable pieces, full of tradition and effort so that you can offer your child the possibility of getting close to nature.

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By Ana Romero

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